Summer Thoughts / by Stephen Agustin

Hey Everybody! 

Hope you're all out there having gorgeous summer experiences. A few things to mention regarding the band. First, I'll be playing a short acoustic set at Max's house on the fourth of July. The Fourth Wall will also be playing at a neat house show on July 19th. I will be posting some details soon on our 'Shows' page.

A couple more things. I'd like to thank everyone who listened to and/or downloaded Lovely Violence. For us, this was a labor of two years which was spurred on by the leaving of our home in Hawaii to press our artistic endeavors up against some different kinds of worlds. I can't even begin to explain what your support means to us. 

We are currently plotting our next course of action towards giving Lovely Violence a physical existence. We are definitely going to have a vinyl version of the album. Would anyone be interested in a CD of Lovely Violence? Write to us and let us know. 

Free digital downloads are, of course, available here.

See you soon,