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Bands For Bernie! Mississippi Studios // The Fourth Wall, 1939 Ensemble, Dead Men Talking, and Months

  • Mississippi Studios 3939 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97227 USA (map)

Four great Portland bands come together to support Bernie Sanders and his presidential campaign. 50% of bands' proceeds from the show to be donated. Tickets $13 - 15.

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1939 Ensemble are an instrumental trio from Portland, OR. Beats and melody. Jose Medeles, David Coniglio and Josh Thomas. Random precision through noise, 1939 Ensemble doesn't just cross genres, they both embrace and exploit them, inviting each listener in through the familiar, and leaving them with something new to explore.


Portland, OR based singer-songwriter Corey Distler has co-written five albums with the likes of Zinnie for Short, The Martyrs and The Sun-birds. Dead Men Talking represents the first group in which he is the sole front man. Alongside long-time friends: drummer Max Lilien (The Fourth Wall, Mamai, Southern Belle) and multi-instrumentalist Casey Becker (Project Eldridge), the music comes to life. At once it brings to mind the timeless soulful bands of the 60's and 70's. Closer listening reveals a refreshing modern twist that brings to mind The Black Keys, Wilco and Spoon. The complex song compositions showcase Distler's music studies at Portland State University.

Their first release is a dynamic, artfully crafted 5 track EP which was recently supported by a national tour.


Originally from Hawaii, the Fourth Wall members Stephen Agustin, Kasey Shun, and Paul Brittain, made their way east to the Pacific Northwest, planting their music roots in Portland, Oregon where they met new drummer Max Lilien, in 2012. The band is set to release Lovely Violence, a fine shoegazing effort whose knack for melodies would fit well on a mix with the Shins or Menomena, two bands the Fourth Wall opened for when they were in Hawaii.

The album’s songs deal with freedom, moral solitude, and the beauty and terror of an unconditional commitment. Look for Lovely Violence on July 31 via Bug Hunt.


“There's a song on the self-titled debut album from the Portland band Months that's as explosive, fiery, and epic as anything you're going to hear this year. Over eight wire-taut minutes, the breakneck "Annihilation" builds relentlessly, with self-contained skirmishes dotting the song's (relatively) tranquil verses, before a Television-like guitar duel sends the entire thing rocketing into the stratosphere. The song's a straight-up masterpiece, and the rest of Monthsis basically as good. A band of all-star locals, Months includes Point Juncture, WA's Wilson Vediner and Deer or the Doe's Aaron Miller on guitars and vocals, joined by Courtney Sheedy (Swim Swam Swum, Houndstooth) on bass and Will Hattman (Down Gown, At Dusk) on drums.” - NED LANNAMANN